Radio Systems Research and Development Center

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Welcome to center webpage. We are part of the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Department of Radioelectronics. We are involved both in educational and research and development activities. We are main contractor for Competence Centres programme of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic TE01020186.

Main Interests

  • Deterministic and random signals, principles of analogue and digital modulations and channel coding.
  • Signal detection, parameter estimation and filtration. Optimal estimation of signal parameters - synchronization.
  • Modern modulation technique for digital communications. Modulation/coding and optimal data detection for fading channel environment.
  • Radio navigation systems.
  • Radar systems and radar technology. Radio aviation systems.
  • Secondary surveillance radar in mode S.
  • Data association with application to radar tracking.
  • Satellite radio communication, satellite navigation, surveillance and tracking.
  • The communication,navigation and surveillance systems.
  • Automatic dependent surveillance concept for the air traffic control.

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