21th International Student Conference on
Electrical Engineering


Tuesday May 23, 2017, Prague

Biomedical Engineering (BI)

Poster NumberPaper TitleFirst Author
BI01Design and Fabrication of an Enhanced Microelectrodes Array for the Electroporation of Retinal CellsAracelys Garcia Moreno
BI02Design of a Multipurpose Photoplethysmography Sensor to Assist Cardiovascular DiagnosisDurmus Umutcan Uguz
BI03Spatial Analysis of Cardiorespiratory Thorax Movement with Motion Capture and DeconvolutionChristoph Hoog Antink
BI04Development and Characterization of a Hydrogel for Flexible and Stretchable SubstratesMarina Albaladejo Siguan
BI05A concept to compare noise perception by adults and children using aurally accurate measurementsKarin Loh
BI06Determination of forces during the handling with immobile or partially mobile patientsJosef Hons
BI07Analysis of blood flow in extracorporeal membrane oxygenation circuitErdenejargal Erdeneochir
BI08Lacrimation Detection for Postoperative Pain Diagnostics Using Infrared ThermographyChristoph Weiss
BI09Optimizing the Measurement Frequency in Electrical Impedance TomographyJakob Orschulik
BI10Automatic Discovery of Hypotheses in Nuclear CardiologyOndřej Klempíř
BI12Database of paroxysmal icEEG signalsNikol Kopecká
BI13Methods for Automatic Estimation of the Number of Clusters for K-means Algorithm Used on EEG Signal: Feasibility StudyJan ©trobl
BI14In vitro Platform for Acoustic and Electrophysiological Investigations of Ultrasound NeuromodulationNico-Wei Kück
BI15Hybrid Motion Capture System for Measuring Kinematics of Vestibular ApparatusJakub ©ourek
BI16An example of the Quality by Design method used for the design and development of enteric-coated tabletsIvana ©vandová

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