21th International Student Conference on
Electrical Engineering


Tuesday May 23, 2017, Prague

Electronics and Instrumentation (EI)

Poster NumberPaper TitleFirst Author
EI01Single chip software defined instrumentation for educational purposesJiri Hladik
EI02Signal analysis of 2-belt EIT measurement patternsTobias Menden
EI03Analytic Investigation of a Matched MIMO SystemMarco Berzborn
EI04Generation of True Random Numbers based on Radioactive DecayDaniel Rüschen
EI05Hot Pixels Suppression in Structured Illumination MicroscopyJakub Pospíšil
EI06Comparison of two HE-AAC Codec Implementations Based on Objective Quality AssessmentMiroslav Smutný
EI07Thin-film Micro-Heater for Fusion Bonding of Teflon-FEP foilsFlorian Emmerich

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