21th International Student Conference on
Electrical Engineering


Tuesday May 23, 2017, Prague

History of Science and Technology (HS)

Poster NumberPaper TitleFirst Author
HS01Gasworks as a Modernizing Element in Johann Liebieg's Textile FactoriesSimona Nosková
HS02Education of apprentices in the firm Pála, joint-stock company, in the period of the Protectorate of Bohemia and MoraviaZbyněk Nikel
HS03OEZ Letohrad 1941-1994Martin Vychytil
HS04Role of the Brown Corpus in history of computer linguisticsOlga Kholkovskaia
HS05Evolution of batteries: From experiments to everyday usageMarta Křepelková
HS06Electrotechnology at the Technical University at the beginning of its Ostrava period in 1940s under Prof. Jan BaštaMariana Stonišová
HS07The Czech Form of Scientific and Technical Organization of Labour according to Václav Verunáč, the Member of the Masaryk Academy of LabourVít Holeček
HS08History of Telematics in France and its impact on hearing impaired peopleZdenek Bumbalek
HS09Development and use of Czechoslovak helicopters 1945-1971Vojtěch Hájek
HS10Magicae Machinas - Milestones in Robot and Automaton HistoryGil Goldman

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