21th International Student Conference on
Electrical Engineering


Tuesday May 23, 2017, Prague

Management (M)

Poster NumberPaper TitleFirst Author
M01Optimization of Household Energy ConsumptionMaria Cherepanova
M02The Cost Analysis of a Stand-By Mode of AppliancesAnton Gubarev
M03Evaluation of Autonomous Power Supply System in Oil and Gas IndustryVadim Ershov
M04Analysis of energy savings measures in public buildings in Russian FederationAnastassiya Chernaya
M05Technical and economic studies in the case of reconstruction of schemes and networks of power supply objectsIrina Nikolaeva
M06Designing parallel working wind power station in South KazakhstanAssylbek Igissenov
M07Gas consumption in the Czech republic and EUJanka Oršuláková
M08Usage of solar trackers in PV systemsBadma Balzhinimaev
M09Analysis of Merit Order at ČEZ a.s. coal plantsTadeáš Salaba
M10Hybrid Electric Supply System for Baikalskoe VillageAleksei Pliusnin
M11Development of the activation of secondary control reserveAdela Holasova
M12Application of Wavelet Variance Analysis to Stock Prices in Select Technology CompaniesJaroslav Schürrer
M13Budgeting and cost allocation system in Kladno Regional HospitalVeronika Vašková
M14Generation adequacy - RES short term variability analysisMichaela Lachmanová

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