21th International Student Conference on
Electrical Engineering


Tuesday May 23, 2017, Prague

Power Engineering (PE)

Poster NumberPaper TitleFirst Author
PE01Comparison of Different Kalman Filters Types Performance for a Locomotive Slip Control PurposesPetr Pichlík
PE02The impact of solar radiation for maximum current load of 400 kV power linesMichal ©pes
PE03Cable Qualification for Nuclear Power PlantsZuzana Konečná
PE04Thermal Field Analysis in High Voltage Coils of Rotating MachinesMichal Kosterec
PE05GaN DC/DC Quazi Z-Source Converter for Electric Vehicles with Redox Flow BatteriesPavel Skarolek
PE06Influence of the rotor resistance change to control performance of an induction machineTomáą Koą»ál
PE07Modelling of Trolleybuses in Environment MATLAB/SimulinkMartin Klán

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