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Radio Circuits and Devices

Semester: Winter 2011Extent of teaching: 2+2
Completion: exam
Practices:Ing. Štěpán Matějka PhD., C3-439, 5977, matejka[at]fel.cvut.cz
Ing. Karel Ulovec PhD., T2:C3-436, 5973, xulovec[at]fel.cvut.cz

General Info:

The goal of the subject is to inform the students about properties, parameters, and design methodology of radio circuits, radio function blocks, and more complex blocks of radio transmitters and receivers. The lectures are devoted sequentially to elements, circuits, function blocks, and systems which are used at radio frequencies. The exercises are both seminar and laboratory; the seminars are devoted the basic calculations from the area of the radio function blocks, and the measurements are devoted to both basic function blocks and more complex problems from the area of radio transmitters and receivers.

Link to Laboratory practices

Other course resources can be found at http://moodle.kme.fel.cvut.cz


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