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Signals and Systems

Semester: Summer 2010Extent of teaching: 2+2
Completion: Exam
Garant:Prof. Ing. František Vejražka CSc., B2-816, 2246, vejrazka[at]fel.cvut.cz
Practices:Ing. Karel Fliegel Ph.D., T2:B3-556, 2248, fliegek[at]fel.cvut.cz
Ing. Pavel Puričer Ph.D., C3-435, 5969, puricep[at]fel.cvut.cz

General Info:

Course explains basic terms and methods for continuous-time and discrete-time signal and system analysis.

The AE2B99SAS course is taught in parallel with the course XE37SAS in the summer semester 2009/10. For more information, visit the Web site of this subject.


Feb 9, 2010The first lecture will be held in the room No. T2:C3-434, February 16 (Tue), 12:45.

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