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Image Technology

Semester: Winter 2010/2011Extent of teaching: 2+2
Completion: Exam
Garant:Prof. Ing. Milo¹ Klíma CSc., B3-547, 2226, klima[at]fel.cvut.cz
Practices:Ing. Karel Fliegel Ph.D., T2:B3-556, 2248, fliegek[at]fel.cvut.cz
Prof.Mgr. Petr Páta PhD., B2-730, 2016, 2248, pata[at]fel.cvut.cz

General Info:

This course deals with multimedia technology and it is focused mainly on acquisition, processing and reproduction of image information. It covers area of measurements in photometry, radiometry and colorimetry; design of objective lenses, image sensors and displays including their parameters. Further the course deals with cinematography, photography and with other special methods of image reproduction, e.g. polygraphy and digital printing techniques. Studied problems are completed with explanation of advanced methods of image processing (preprocessing, compression, image reconstruction, etc.).

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