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Signal Processors Applications

Semester: LetníExtent of teaching: 2+2
Completion: z+zk
Garant:Doc. Ing. Petr Skalický CSc., B2-718, 2241, skalicky[at]fel.cvut.cz
Practices:Ing. Pavel Dobiáš , B2/721, 2254, dobiasp[at]fel.cvut.cz

General Info:

The course is base for student, which want practically designed circuits of the digital signal processing with the signals’ processors and specialised circuits. Attention is concentration to realisation of the modulators and circuit of the numerical conversion of the signal, which contains in the communication chain. Dominantly is concentration to effective realization with minimal computing power. In the course suppose the knowledge of the ground digital a microprocessor’s technique.


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