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WeekDate Details
1Introduction, history of television, fundamentals of TV system design
2Video signal, TV standards, television colorimetry
3Analogue TV systems (NTSC, PAL, SECAM, teletext, VPS
4Analogue TV distribution, CRT TV receivers
5HDTV standards, digitization of video signal, compression techniques
6Compression standards - video MPEG-2, audio MPEG-1, AC-3
7Compression standard MPEG-4/10 (H.264)
8DVB project - source and channel coding, systems DVB-S,T,C
9DVB project - systems DVB-H, T2,S2, additional services (MHP, teletext)
10Modern television receivers, measurements in digital TV
11Video Over IP, Conditional Access, VoD, NVoD
12World television standards (ATSC, ISDB, Media-Flo DMB)
13Conclusion, summary and future trends overview
WeekDate Details
1Introduction, organization and content of labs, working groups, safety
2Explanation of labs, calculations in TV
3Measurement of parameters of videosignal
4Measurement of basic colours of TV displays
5Measurement on TV receiver
6Measurement on LCD TV receiver
7Computer simulation of MPEG-2 and MPEG- 4/10
8Calculations in TV (Matlab), Test
10Processing and checking of video in Adobe Production Studio
11Calculation in TV, test
12Evaluation and assessment
13Rectors Day

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