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Fundamentals of Communications

Semester: WinterExtent of teaching: 2+2
Completion: exam.
Garant:Doc. Ing. Josef Dobeš CSc., B2-722, 2207, dobes[at]fel.cvut.cz
Practices:Ing. Jaroslava Horevajová CSc., C3-437, 5973, horevjar[at]fel.cvut.cz
Ing. Karel Ulovec PhD., T2:C3-436, 5973, xulovec[at]fel.cvut.cz

General Info:


The course is taught in winter semester only. The course part (both lectures and practices) provided by the Department of Radio Engineering (13137) is taught in weeks 1-9. The other part is provided by the Department of Telecommunication Engineering (13132). Practices are based on laboratory measurements.


13137: Fundamentals of communications. Communication channel schema and capacity. Transmission environment. Wireless communication. Analog and digital modulation. AM and FM broadcasting, stereo-broadcasting. TV principles and standards. Digital audio and video broadcasting. Circuit concepts and radio transmitters and receivers properties. Mobile communications.

13132: Communication lines, parameters of metallic and optical transmission paths. Networks for data transmission. Communication over power lines and networks.

Measurement list:


Measurement 1: AM signal amplification by resonance amplifier in classes A, AB, B and C

Measurement 2: Measurement on digital video broadcasting system

Measurement 3: Pulse Amplitude Modulation signal measurement, sampling theorem

Measurement 4: Analog TV signal measurement

Measurement 5: Basic parameters of radio receiver

Measurement 6: Stereo encoder measurement


Measurement 7: Analog parameters of metallic lines

Measurement 8: Data circuits with modems, diagnostics of I2 and I1 interfaces, spectra of signals, transmission error rate

Measurement 9: Modern telecommunication services, especially for supervisory activities

Measurement 10: Measurement and setup of a system for local data transmission over low-voltage mains network


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