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Students who are interested in taking any of the following courses in English are requested to register at the Study Department (Mrs. Bymova) and contact the respective lecturer as soon as possible by e-mail or in person.

Courses in English
XE37BAPBachelor Project - (Bachelor Project)
XE37BPJSemestral Project - (Semestral Project)
XE37CADCAD in Communications - (CAD in Communications)
XE37KTRCommunication Technology – Radio Systems - (Communication Technology – Radio Systems)
XE37MAVMeasurement of Acoustic Quantities - (Measurement of Acoustic Quantities)
XE37MMTMultimedia Technology - (Multimedia Technology)
XE37MSTFundamental Radio Frequency Measurement - (Fundamental Radio Frequency Measurement)
XE37MTTMultimedia and Television Technology - (Multimediální a televizní technika)
XE37SASSignals and Systems - (Signals and Systems)
XE37SGSSignals and Systems - (Signals and Systems)
XE37TELTelevision - (Television)
XE37ZKTFundamentals of Communications - (Fundamentals of Communications)
XE37ZVTAudio Technology - (Audio Technology)

E37RVPRadio Transmitters and Receivers - (Radio Transmitters and Receivers)
E37SASSignals and Systems - (Signals and Systems)
E37TOTTelevision and Imaging Technology - (Television and Imaging Technology)
E37ZOFImage Processing and Photonics - (Image Processing and Photonics)

AE1B37KELCommunication and Electronics - (Communication and Electronics)
AE2B37ROZRadio Circuits and Devices - (Radio Circuits and Devices)
AE2B99KAMCommunication and Multimedia - (Communication and Multimedia)
AE2B99SASSignals and Systems - (Signals and Systems)
AE2M37DKMDigital communications - (Digital communications)
AE2M37OBTImage Technology - (Image Technology)

All student activities are subject to regulations which you can find here along with other relevant information.

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