reference station

The DGPS Reference Station at the Czech Technical University is in service since June 1995. It generates and distributes differential corrections for satellite navigation system GPS-NAVSTAR in real-time together with archiving more precise corrections for postprocessing purposes.

What is the presence and future of our reference station?

Official authorities of the Czech Republic are not interested in use of LW corrections for position determination and we do not have enough financial sources to pay costs for LF transmission by ourself. Therefore the dissemination of LF DGPS corrections is not available any more.

The dissemination of DGPS corrections by VHF RDS Channel is still running, the corrections for postprocessing will be avilable too.

Prof. Ing. František Vejražka, CSc.
Head of the Department of Radio Engineering K337
Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Technická 2, Praha 6, 166 27
Czech republic
tel.: +420 2 2435 2205, +420 2 2435 2206
fax: +420 2 311 9801, +420 2 2435 5829